1. mistftw's Avatar
    For how long did you guys charge your Note 5 for the first time? I've been told by Samsung to charge it for 5-6 hours for the very first time, and then to 100% subsequent times, and then Best Buy says to leave it in for 24 hours. How long did you do it for?
    12-21-2015 01:15 PM
  2. hub1's Avatar
    I just charged it to 100% and I put it on the charger each night before bed time and wake up to a fully charged awesome Note 5 each day. ☺
    12-21-2015 01:33 PM
  3. ninnjinn's Avatar
    When I got my Note 5. My case hasn't arrived yet it was roughly 20 some percent. So i plugged it in, took about an hour and 45 minutes to charge to 100% then I set it up. Three days later when my case finally arrived that is when I activated it and it has been working like a champ ever since.

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    12-21-2015 01:35 PM

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