1. dllrogers55's Avatar
    Aqua header appears during screen write via Quickpic-screenshot_2015-12-30-05-16-52-2-.jpg

    Every time I do a screen write, this aqua header is in the picture. Any ideas how to keep this from happening? I will be on a screen, remove the stylus, select screen write, as it takes the image, this shows at the top. So annoying!

    SO, I just had a thought and answered my own question before I finished the post! It's because I use QuickPic instead of the stock Gallery when choosing an image to write on. Decided to leave the post for others who may have this problem. Time to write to QuickPic!
    12-30-2015 07:31 AM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Good catch and thanks for sharing for others to see.
    dllrogers55 likes this.
    12-30-2015 08:47 AM
  3. odb9014's Avatar
    My gallery is Quickpic (old APK sideloaded from months ago before CM destroyed it) and I screen write all the time and never see anything like that. Just paused while writing this post and tested it and confirmed that I do not see anything like that on my end.
    01-02-2016 06:41 PM

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