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    My Note 5 Verizon was stolen, I bought it 2 months ago it was on contract. so do I have to pay till 2 years. or should I cancel the contract.
    And I had some data on my phone (pictures, contacts, emails etc). But my phone was locked, so can he access my data or does he have to reset my phone to unlock it and the data will be removed?
    01-12-2016 05:57 PM
  2. TechNut79's Avatar
    I'm not sure about the contract question, but you can use Android Device Manager to erase all data on your phone. It should also show where it's currently at if you had it activated on the device. Then the police could be brought in and your device recovered.

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    01-12-2016 08:24 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    If you had insurance on the phone, it might (usually does) cover theft. You can't cancel the contract after 2 months if it's a 2 year contract.
    01-13-2016 12:55 AM
  4. dpham00's Avatar
    Verizon insurance through asurion does cover loss and theft.

    With regards to contract, if it was a 2 year contract then cancelling service would invoke the etf of $350 +taxes and fees. If you purchased on device payment plan, then cancelling would require that you payoff the balance owed on the phone.
    01-13-2016 07:17 AM

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