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    Ran across this article, anyone no if monthly patches already addresses these (thanks in advance by the way for not b*%check slapping this book

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    01-20-2016 07:10 AM
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    Oh, these are valid. You have to understand that there are a bunch of security consultant firms who are getting paid by these corporations to pick over the code to find every security vulnerability... the goal is to find something before it shows up 'in the wild', so the operating system can be patched.

    But you need to remember a few things... . first, a lot of times, these security problems only exist on older versions of the software. The recent one going around, where malicious apps could get root access to your phone and install other apps, etc... they issue only affected Android phones that ran KitKat or older. Google addressed the issue in version 5.0 and above, but there are a TON of phones still on 4.4 or older because the OEM had long since abandoned the model and it hasn't received an update in years.

    That's the heart of the matter... many of these vulnerabilities in Android are getting patched right away, but since OEMs are so excruciatingly slow to update their phones (if they update them at all), that leaves a huge number of them exposed. And the problem gets compounded by the fact that once the vulnerabilities are announced, hackers know that there are a millions of phones in use that will never see the fix.
    01-20-2016 09:17 AM
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    Thanks for the reply... I'm on a Note 5 (which I can't recommend as I have the 32g version, that can't be expanded) with Sprint. Samsung seems to be fairly quick with the monthly security patches. The bottleneck appears to be the carriers, although IMHO it's way past late for MM to be distributed, which is the only reason I even got the 5... Thinking it would be updated quickly as a flagship device.

    I know this next thought is going to generate a lot of hate and flame from Android evangelists, but I really fault Google for this mess. They have the muscle at this stage to have a much tighter control over updates. It's a choice of theirs not to, to avoid litigation and direct confrontation over patents. Right now they have the best of both worlds requiring oem's to bundle their services all while skirting responsibility for complications resulting from the lack of a device being secure that ultimately began with software they distributed.

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    01-20-2016 01:18 PM

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