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    On my note 4, I was able to go through a video that I'd taken frame by frame and then "capture"one as a photo. This worked wonders when trying to get good pictures of my baby neice. I'd take a video then get WONDERFUL pictures from it. No more barely missing the "perfect" moment. Is there a way to do this from my Note 5? I've not had any luck finding out how. And please don't tell me to take a screenshot. With the camera capturing 30 frames per second, taking a screenshot is NOT the same lol
    01-25-2016 09:07 PM
  2. speedfreek64's Avatar
    I wanted to do the same thing. My old HTC M7 did it easily. The method I settled on was with this app:
    I had been using for compressing a video to attach to text or email and it has a feature to capture a frame from video as well.

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    01-27-2016 12:30 PM
  3. tmccormick87's Avatar
    I loved that same feature on my S5, but apparently it's been removed from the Note 5? I've looked all week and haven't found it either. Taking a photo during the video is a cool idea, but it's not the same as reviewing a video later and picking just the right moment. Guess I will have to check out that app too!
    01-30-2016 09:19 PM
  4. speedfreek64's Avatar
    It's a pretty powerful app if your into messing with your videos. I've been using it on my last 3 phones to shrink the file size of videos to attach them to a text or email.

    I recently used the app to capture a picture from video and it does work but has a bug. The app creates it's own folder in the gallery to send the images to. After capture, the folder shows a blank image and an error. When the blank image is deleted the captured picture appears. Weird.

    The app has lots of other features too but I haven't used them other than adding my own music to a video shot from the phone.

    The video shrinking and picture capturing take some experimentation to get what you want. Both have user defined settings that give control for how many pictures are captured and for video resizing, how much the video is shrunk.

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    01-30-2016 10:45 PM

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