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    Recently i've noticed that the speakers of my note 5 have seemed to become much quieter and sometimes 'broken' sounding when listening to a recording.

    Now, when I increase or decrease the volume on the call, notfications, system on the main screen, it doesn't give me the 'preview' sound like it used to.

    e.g. when you put a certain ringtone/notfication sound, it will give you a preview of the sound as you increase or decrease the volume.

    it works when i go all the way to settings -and go to volume... but when i do it immediately on the volume button it doesn't seem to work.

    I have tried to change my theme to default, deleted stuff etc. , restarted my phone a couple of times but still no luck...

    What to do? -its freaking me out a bit.

    01-28-2016 06:43 AM

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