1. Dan_B1979's Avatar
    I've taken the plunge and I've bought a Titanium Silver 32GB Galaxy Note 5 920CD so I can have one decent phablet to replace both my Nexus 6P and LG G3 mobiles (6P is my personal mobile, G3 is my business mobile)!

    I've umm'd and arr'd over this for a week or so and decided that it's probably one of the best phones I can buy to do this; I had considered the OnePlus Two at nearly half the price, but after reading lots of reviews, it sounds like it's half the phone as well!

    I've sourced it from imobile_UK via eBay here in the UK for £460 with delivery and expect it to land with me later next week.

    I've gone for the 920CD version as the 920C and 920CD versions work on all the 4G/LTE networks in the UK and as I use GiffGaff who piggybacks on the O2 network, I need Band 20 / channel 800 for LTE to work etc!

    I'll update when it lands, but so far, I cannot wait
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    01-30-2016 01:58 AM
  2. chezm's Avatar
    Why you ditching the Nexus 6P?

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    01-30-2016 06:34 AM
  3. usman khushnood's Avatar
    Great choice mate congrats.. I have the exact same model as the one you've ordered but in white. And it yes it works great in the UK. I bought mine abroad from Pakistan a couple of months bck and it worked out about £410 for me. I missed out on 64 gb version that was around £450 but wasnt in stock at the moment.
    I am sure you will absolutely love it.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    01-30-2016 07:36 AM
  4. Dan_B1979's Avatar

    Because I want a decent mobile that can act as both personal and business mobile. The OnePlus 2 is a good phone, but it's specs aren't as good as I'd like and the Note 5 is still a flagship phablet and one of the best mobiles you can buy.

    I've had every Note going and they've been superb phones! I'm sure the 5 will follow precedent.

    @usman - thanks pal. I don't need the 64GB and the 32GB will still be more than enough for my needs
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    01-30-2016 03:06 PM
  5. angrytentpole's Avatar
    Welcome aboard, I hope your n5 treats you as well as my n5 treats me
    01-30-2016 06:00 PM
  6. mhettrich's Avatar
    Great choice. It's an amazing phone.
    01-30-2016 06:27 PM
  7. Dan_B1979's Avatar
    Thanks folks... Will update when it arrives
    01-31-2016 02:40 AM
  8. chrisforpm's Avatar
    Congrats! I just picked mine up yesterday and it's amazing. You will enjoy it.
    01-31-2016 07:25 PM
  9. salscott's Avatar
    I just got the same phone to replace my g4 that crapped out....so far, I'm digging it. First samsung after three lg's.
    01-31-2016 07:47 PM
  10. dpham00's Avatar
    Congratulations and great choice!
    01-31-2016 09:09 PM
  11. Dan_B1979's Avatar

    What a superb phone, very well made, feels great in the hand and its super slick!

    Got it all set up; all info transferred across from my N6P; finger print scanner all set up; both sims sorted (Sim 1 as personal and 4G, Sim 2 as business etc)

    Uploaded all the apps I use etc...

    3 day delivery from imobile_UK on eBay via RMSD, highly recommended!

    Just ordered x2 tempered glass screen protectors, x2 Spigen cases (Slim Armor and a Neo Hybrid one) and a leather wallet case as well; should all be with me tomorrow

    Overall, superb phone and superb impression and I've only had it a few hours!
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    02-02-2016 06:09 AM
  12. Hectorius's Avatar
    Well done. It's a beast of a phone..

    Posted via Apple 6s+ or Note 5...
    02-02-2016 07:13 AM
  13. chrisforpm's Avatar
    I've been using mine for the past 3 days and coming from an iphone 6s+ I must say, wow. This thing is amazing. I am actually in love with it. My poor 6s+ as great of a phone as it is, is sitting neglected on the night stand.
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    02-02-2016 08:17 PM
  14. Dan_B1979's Avatar
    Aye; I sold my 6S+ when I got my N6P; I love Apple, everything I have is Apple, but their phones just bore me in all honesty (very well made though)

    The Note 5 is something else though; super slick running Nova and I've disabled as much as I can re apps I'll never use etc...

    Plus 1 phone to do the job of 2... Yes please!
    02-03-2016 02:37 AM
  15. landyvlad's Avatar
    Ordered mine.. just waiting for it to arrive in the post. Managed to get my hands on a 64Gb whereas here in Aus we generally only have the 32Gb available on phone plans. Can't wait...
    02-03-2016 06:51 PM
  16. chrisforpm's Avatar
    Ordered mine.. just waiting for it to arrive in the post. Managed to get my hands on a 64Gb whereas here in Aus we generally only have the 32Gb available on phone plans. Can't wait...
    In Canada it's opposite. The few carriers here that offer the 32GB charge $359CAD for the 32GB and $199CAD for the 64GB on a plan. Not sure why anyone would opt for less storage to pay more.
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    02-03-2016 08:01 PM
  17. landyvlad's Avatar
    Yeah that's strange alright.
    02-03-2016 08:50 PM
  18. robonik's Avatar
    I too use my Note 5 for business and personal use. It is by far and away the best smart phone I've ever seen for my business use. The ability to instantly jot notes on the blank screen without even opening an app has paid for the device several times over since I have purchased the Note 5 at the end of September. I am in the wholesale grocery business and I am bombarded all day long with information that needs to be recorded quickly and accurately.

    Tidbits of info that were recorded as notes 3 to 4 weeks past, that would have otherwise been forgotten, have been retrieved and turned into profit more times than I can remember.

    Plus the sheer speed and smoothness of the Note 5 make it a pleasure to operate on a daily basis. I actually bought the Note 5 thinking I would use it as a backup for my Galaxy S5. And that I would rely mostly on the SGS 5 for day to day work because of its speed and smaller size would make it easier to use in business. I was grossly mistaken, the Note 5 is so much better in every way that I have only carried the SGS 5 once since buying the Note 5.

    I am hooked and love it. The more I learn about the Note 5 the better I like it. Congratulations! Enjoy your new Note 5 in good health.
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    02-03-2016 11:38 PM

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