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    I'm so frustrated. I can't get my Note 5 (verizon) calendars to reliably sync with my computer (Outlook on office 365) or notify me of appointments that have synced. I am using the Samsung Calendar and Google Calendar to see which is most reliable. I haven't tried the outlook app because reviews suck. If I enter an appointment on the computer it sometimes syncs to the phone, but the phone won't notify. If I enter an appointment on the phone, it never syncs to my computer. Trust me, I've cycled through every setting known to man....

    One more annoyance: The auto spell function populates with every email address I ever used in my life, and often populates common words with email addresses that begin with the same few letters. Omg, is that annoying and embarrasing!


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    01-30-2016 08:32 PM
  2. Miami1683's Avatar
    I've never tried outlook calender on this note 5. However I added everything to my Google calender and it works psrfectly. With the Samsung calender that's built in.

    I get noticed of everything on my phone depending on how I setup notifications on my Google calender. Like 10 minutes before etc.

    Also if you use the Samsung weather app the weather will display in the calender view.
    01-31-2016 05:57 AM
  3. FSSimon's Avatar
    Thanks, but I was hoping someone would have a solution. :-)

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    01-31-2016 04:52 PM
  4. cadman56's Avatar
    I have the same problem, however I can see all my contacts, emails and calendar meetings.
    Everything works good except I do not get any notifications from calendar.
    I tried using the Outlook app and the Boxer mail app and it is the same thing. We use Office365 at work and no matter what I try I cannot get notifications for meetings
    02-12-2017 03:44 PM
  5. Bo21's Avatar
    Use the stock email app. Use it for my office365 work email with no issues. For me, functions better than the office mail app.
    02-13-2017 04:38 AM

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