1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have a galaxy note 5 and I have noticed that when I exchange numbers with people, if they text me first I clearly have their number, but if they give me theirs, and I text them first, they do not receive it. Ex. I put my number in a friend's phone, they texted me I got it. A friend put their number in my phone, I text them, nothing. What could this be?
    02-29-2016 05:05 PM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    Which texting app are you using?
    03-03-2016 07:11 PM
  3. Devhux's Avatar
    If you text someone and they don't receive it, what happens when they text you? Does the message appear in the same conversation, or does it appear as a new entry?

    I'm wondering if it's something like not entering the area code before the number you are texting.
    03-04-2016 05:33 AM

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