1. luckypixi's Avatar
    So, long story short, few weeks ago about a third of the screen could not recognize touch anymore. Didn't drop it, no water damage, it just stopped working properly. I finally got a replacement screen last week and got someone in the local repair shop to put it on for me.

    At the time, everything seems to be working properly. But last night I pulled out my s pen and realized that parts of the screen does not recognize it very well. If I write really really hard it'll be registered, but usually it won't.

    Does this occur because the replacement screen is defect? Or is it because something's not correctly re-assembled during the repair stage? Or do I just have to find a way to re-calibrate the S pen?

    Thank you very much.
    03-01-2016 04:52 PM
  2. anon(19981)'s Avatar
    Do you happen to have a case on with a magnet anywhere? I recall seeing a issue with a seidio case with a magnet holding down the kickstand.

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    03-01-2016 06:01 PM
  3. luckypixi's Avatar
    Yeah I saw that post too, unfortunately I do not use a case. Frankly the first problem I have seemed odd enough for the original screen, and with this I starts to wonder if it could be the circuitry or cable rather than the screen itself that's the problem. One with S pen working the other with touch working.
    03-01-2016 07:14 PM

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