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    I've googled this and only found one thread with no answer, so I guess this is a rare issue. So everytime I make a custom screenshot using smart select and try to share it, there's an issue. I don't know if it affects all apps, but at least with these 5 apps it's problematic:

    -Line Messenger: the app force closes.
    -Whatsapp: it closes when I choose a contact. not force close, just closes as if the action is complete.
    -Tumblr: the app closes when I hit submit, but the image is actually not submitted.
    -Facebook: the image is not attached to the post.
    -Gmail: the image is not attached to the email.

    This issue started to occur a few months after purchase. I can't remember anything that could've triggered it. And it seems to got worse. It used to just affect Line Messenger. I've tried clearing the phone cache and the smart select app via app manager, but no effect. Anything else I should try before recovering the phone? Thank you.
    03-02-2016 10:54 PM
  2. Trees's Avatar
    I only have Gmail, but was able to use Smart Select and after clicking on the Share option, saw Gmail app open up and the Smart Select image was successfully inserted into the new Gmail message.
    03-03-2016 06:01 AM

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