1. bertsirkin's Avatar
    Upgraded to marshmallow today, but this was a problem before as well.

    I have one amex card that I use with samsung pay periodically, but for the past week or so, I get an "unavailable" message indicating I need to be on wifi our mobile network - but I get this error on both.

    I was out of the country recently and was using a different Sim card - not sure that has anything to do with it, but it may.

    According to the app, I'm on the most recent version.

    Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated.

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    03-04-2016 04:56 PM
  2. Nathan Innocent's Avatar
    Put back in the original Sim. Reset the app and try re adding the card.

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    03-05-2016 08:57 AM
  3. bertsirkin's Avatar
    Thanks, but the original Verizon SIM has been in the phone for almost 2 weeks now. The problem seems to be with the app - not the AMEX card - as it doesn't seem to recognize that I'm on either WiFi or a mobile signal.
    03-05-2016 09:58 AM
  4. bertsirkin's Avatar
    Not sure why, but Samsung Pay started working today. I didn't do anything that I know of to change it. But, tried to use it at Walmart today, and it was "declined" - so I used the same "physical" credit card, and it went thru. Some things never change.
    03-06-2016 07:37 PM

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