1. Misszell's Avatar
    My phone seems a bit laggy.....Do i really need to do a factory reset? : (
    03-21-2016 09:31 PM
  2. Devin Doucet's Avatar
    I would clear cache partition and give it a few days first. Mine improved a lot after several days, but some people recommend a reset, I haven't found it necessary.
    03-21-2016 09:50 PM
  3. Misszell's Avatar
    I think it was still running things in the background. Much better already.
    03-21-2016 09:54 PM
  4. throssel's Avatar
    I'm updating right now.

    Gold Platinum Galaxy Note 5
    03-21-2016 11:18 PM
  5. Jamie Wooten's Avatar
    Wow come in AT&T get in the game.
    03-21-2016 11:50 PM
  6. russel5150's Avatar
    Glad to see it, my mom is on us cellular, she wants a note5 but has to wait until may, was hoping mm would be on there by then.

    Sent with my white Note5 with nonremovable back and no SDcard!
    03-22-2016 01:16 AM
  7. Kadeshi's Avatar
    Just got the update today as well. So far I'm not impressed with the battery life. Haven't done a factory reset.

    I feel like I can send 2-3 short texts and I'm losing 1%. Screen on no longer than 10 seconds a piece.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    03-22-2016 10:24 PM

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