1. AC Question's Avatar
    I did not have any problems with my bluetooth on my Note 5 before I downloaded the new update. I was able to connect my headphones, watch and speaker without a problem. Now I cannot connect anything to my phone unless it is to make phone calls. Can anyone help with this?
    04-05-2016 12:40 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    If you try a plain headphone (no mic) and it doesn't work, I'd say it's a bad update. Otherwise, chalk it up to another unannounced change to Bluetooth or a bad update. (Bluetooth changes more frequently than Scrubbing Bubbles.) (Your carrier might have a headset to try it with.)
    04-05-2016 12:48 PM
  3. wlightin's Avatar
    I have plugged in a headset and it worked fine. Thank you for your help.
    04-05-2016 01:57 PM
  4. beh's Avatar
    As it sounds like this is not a phone or phone OS issue you may wish to check to see that you have the latest app versions for all the devices you are connecting to the phone. You may also wish to clear the Cache after you have updated all the Apps.
    04-06-2016 10:24 AM

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