1. Pokefreak13's Avatar
    To those of you who have made the upgrade to MM and use the OpenVPN app, have you been having issues with connectivity in the app since updating?

    I know for sure it's not my vpn provider as it works perfectly with no issues on my PC and iPad, but is almost unusable on my phone now since it cuts out every 2 minutes.
    05-16-2016 09:05 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Are you on 6.0 or 6.0.1? Because there's a connectivity issue with 6.0.1 - mainly with wifi, but it may extend to mobile data too.
    05-16-2016 10:07 PM
  3. Pokefreak13's Avatar
    I just checked and I'm on 6.0.1 and my carrier is Optus (Australian carrier). That explains a lot. I have been having issues with WhatsApp not working when connected to wifi too! I also noticed my OpenVPN app works better on mobile date than wifi.

    Hopefully there's a fix for it soon 😔
    05-17-2016 01:11 AM

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