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    Hello, I have a T-Mobile Note 5 running Marshmallow 6.0.1. Stock to whatever it is that T-Mobile gives you.

    Sometimes when I'm listening to Pocket Casts, if I pause the podcast and then restart it, it will restart in high-speed mode (at least 2x) so it sounds like chipmunks on speed. If I go to adjust the speed in pocket casts through the option on the "Now Playing" screen, it will still be on 1x and if I lower it, it will slow down, but the pitch will still be too high. Like chipmunks on purple drank/lean. If I exit out of pocket casts and restart the applicaiton the problem is still there. If I go to Google Play Music, my music is also too high/fast. I can't find any speed adjustment option in Google Music. The only thing that fixes it is a restart of my phone.

    I am also running Nova as my launcher.

    Is there any fix out there? Any suggestions?
    05-22-2016 07:21 PM

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