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    So my aunt recently had issues with her Note 5. It froze while she was on vacation. I am sure it would have been something as simple as an App or at most a Factory Reset to correct it. But being very non technical she bought another phone and when she got home she sent the Note 5 off for repair.
    She has since received the Note 5 back. And I found that now the recent apps button does not work. I did my own troubleshooting, such as wiping the cache, starting up in Safe Mode to make sure it wasn't caused by an App. And finally a factory reset. Same issue.
    So I had her auth me on her account and contacted Samsung. I first asked what issue was determined to be the cause of the first issue. They said it was the S PEN ???? Okay I wasn't arguing, but either way, they replaced the S PEN and then flashed the device and sent it back.
    So I have now sent off the device again to Samsung as it's under warranty. I guess after this long spiel, I was wondering if anyone else had any issues on the Note 5 specifically with the Recent apps button not working. I have searched google and found the issue but NOT on the Note 5 at this point.
    05-22-2016 11:58 PM

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