1. castone001's Avatar
    Howdy! Been trying to locate a decent waterproof case for my note 5. Heading down to baja soon for surf fishing and want the phone handy for pics Ive found one but it didnt get very good reviews and unsure if wireless charging works. Im hoping there are other options out there.

    Thank you!!

    this is the one I found.......
    06-30-2016 03:19 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    NST (no such thing) unless a FRiEQ case will fit it.

    There are water-resistant cases (so many minutes immersion to so many feet), but one truly waterproof? Lifeproof doesn't make one, and that's about the only waterproof case that's designed to fit the phone.

    As for the one you found, notice the "fully submersible to 6.6 feet (2 meters) for 1 hour". That's water-resistant, not waterproof.
    06-30-2016 06:20 PM
  3. ratsttam's Avatar
    Not sure if I would fully trust that one for jumping into the water... If you're just trying to protect against water spray, it should do well enough for you.

    As far as wireless charging through it, it should work no problem. I have a Seideo case on mine and it wireless charges just fine. It's a fairly thick case.
    06-30-2016 09:53 PM
  4. faith3935's Avatar
    I agree. Maybe buy a waterproof camera?
    07-01-2016 07:51 AM
  5. redsoxfan26's Avatar
    Here is what I found.
    Attached Thumbnails Waterproof case for the Note 5??-1467382680037.jpg  
    07-01-2016 09:18 AM

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