1. AC Question's Avatar
    Not sure if it's right to post this question here,but I have googled and couldn't find a solution,so I am hoping the experts here can help me.

    I didn't know what I have done, but one of my SMS(Messages in Samsung Note 5) conversation has 2 recipients shown. 1 of them I must have added by mistake,just that I don't know how.

    Now I couldn't reply SMS/Messages to the intended recipient under this conversation. I can only go the the Contact and type a new message to him.

    The multiple recipients shown on as the header of this conversation has both HP numbers, separated by ;

    I am able to click conversation and get to " Conversation Setting", to add more recipient for other Messages,but for this particular one, I can't even click/drag down to get to " Conversation Setting".
    07-14-2016 03:25 AM
  2. jimd1050's Avatar
    In my SMS App, there's a "Down Arrow" to the right of the list of names at the top of any of my multiple recipient messages. If I click on the arrow, it opens the list of recipients and at the end there's a "Add or Remove Recipients" button. As well, the "More" button has the same choice - not sure why yours won't let you do it!
    07-15-2016 01:55 PM

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