1. NukeTitan's Avatar
    Hey guys,
    So with the pokemon go app released i came across a big problem.

    I was at work and i putted my phone in my pocket then 5 min later took it out too find my self face with my phone rebooted and stuck on the "Samsung Galaxy note 5 Powered by android "screen with a light blue LED open.
    pressed some buttons and i got the safe boot. Now i was all good.
    fast forward.
    Playing pokemon go and i went too the bathroom put my phone away again when i check my phone again it was the same screen.

    So i spent HOURS restarting going in download mode too no success.

    When i got home i tried theses steps.

    Volume down + power. It restarts and freezes at the same place.
    Volume down + power + home button. i get the download screen i tried downgrading the firmware no success ( FRP lock or something )
    Volume up + power doesnt close the phone or nothing
    volume up + power + home button doesnt do anything
    Power alone doesnt close the phone

    I tried waiting the battery out. When i charge it , it automaticly goes too the screen and doesnt do anything.

    i've tried countless button combination too no succcess.
    Charger becomes "hot" like its charging.

    Anybody here have a solution or a fix? i honestly don't know.
    Monday i'll be contacting samsung and send it too warranty.
    Can someone save me from all this?
    Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english !
    07-16-2016 04:12 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Did you install the official Pokemon Go from Google Play Store, or from somewhere else? There have been malware-infested versions of Pokemon Go reported, as well as bogus Pokemon apps that were briefly in Google Play Store.
    07-17-2016 08:04 PM
  3. NukeTitan's Avatar
    I had the same APK from apkmirror. The apk is safe did some research and had been using the app for 4 days and more.

    Thanks for your response!
    07-17-2016 08:17 PM

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