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    I have multiple wireless charging pads, Tylt and Samsung Quick Charge) that I know work as my Galaxy S7 wireless charges fine on any of them. My Note 5 will not wireless charge at all in normal mode. If I go into Safe Mode, it will wireless charge on all the charging pads.

    So, must be a setting somewhere or a program. My Note 5 is essentially a clone of my S7 except I dont have my work email (Exchange using Nine) on it but otherwise exactly the same programs. This says to me that some 3rd party app or some setting in Developer Options is to blame BUT I cannot track it down. Fast Charge is turned on in Battery and a wired (micro-USB) Fast Charger works fine.

    Does anyone have any idea what program(s) interfere with wireless charging on the Note 5 (Verizon). I just got this unit and the updates from VZW were installed before I tried wireless charging at all so I can't say whether wireless charging worked before the latest updates to the OS.

    Any help is appreciated.
    Steve Rose
    07-18-2016 08:08 PM

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