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    Good afternoon from sunny ABQ, NM! 😊

    About a month ago I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from Verizon. Everything worked great, and then about a week ago, I was laying in bed using my bluetooth earphones while watching Netflix, and the sound suddenly stopped working. I'd just accidentally tipped the phone over on it's face, so I assumed it was operator error, and since I was able to get the sound working again after fiddling with the headphones themselves, and the phone settings for 5 - 10 minutes, I didn't think anything else of it. I mention it first because I suspect it might be relevant to the problem I'm having now.

    Today I stopped getting sound from my Bose Mini Soundlink Bluetooth speaker. I've used this speaker for over a year with both this Note 5, and with the Note 4 I had previously. In fact, I used it to listen to Pandora as recently as 3 hours ago and it worked perfectly. Then, I turned it (the speaker) off, closed Pandora, left the house, came back approx 45 minutes later, turned the speaker on, paired to my Note 5 without a problem, opened Pandora, and got....... Nothing. I tried several different apps, but no matter which one I used, I didn't get any sound from the speaker.

    I took the following steps to troubleshoot, and attempt to get the sound working, all with no success:

    Made sure the volume for both the speaker, and the phone are turned WAY up.
    Turned both the phone, the phone's bluetooth and the speaker on/off several times, in various different order(s).
    Unpaired/re-paired the speaker.
    Unpaired the speaker, restarted the phone, re-paired the speaker.
    Unpaired the speaker, cleared the cache and data from all Bluetooth apps I found on the phone, restarted the phone, re-paired the speaker.
    Unpaired the speaker, cleared the phone's cache, rebooted, re-paired the speaker.
    Turned the speaker off, retrieved my (bluetooth) headphones from the car, and turned those on to make sure I could actually get bluetooth sound (I did).
    Tried Pandora, Amazon Music, and You Tube (none worked with the speaker).
    To be sure it wasn't the speaker itself, I unpaired the speaker with my phone, turned it (the speaker) off, took it down the hall to my bf's ofc, paired it with his phone (Apple 6+), opened YouTube and played a video (sound worked fine). Unpaired the speaker from his phone, brought it back down the hall to our room, re-paired it with my phone, and tried again (nothing).

    I tried googling my issue, buy couldn't find anything that seemed to match the problem I'm having, so I figured I'd start a new thread. BTW, outside of this problem, I've had no issues with bluetooth sound quality, or connection before now. JUST TO BE CLEAR, the phone sees, and connects via bluetooth to both the speaker, and my headphones with NO issue. No sound to the Bose is the ONLY problem I'm experiencing.

    I know this was long, and I apologize, but I wanted to make sure I was clear about my problem, and the steps I've taken thus far to try and resolve it. Have a great day, andand thanks in advance for any suggestions, or assistance any of you may be able to offer!

    07-21-2016 03:46 PM
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    Bump. I'm having the exact issue with my Droid Turbo 2 running on Android 6.0 with a VicTsing Bluetooth Speaker. I'm able to connect to my computer and transfer files via Bluetooth to my phone, my Computer is able to connect to my VicTsing Speaker and play music however my phone can't. I've connected to the Speaker using my brother's Galaxy S5 and it worked perfectly fine (being able to play audio through the speaker via Bluetooth). After trying a bunch of different things I was able to get Audio to play through the speaker BUT it's extremely quiet. I was able to do this by going into the Bluetooth settings then going into the settings for my VicTsing Speaker and disabling the "Use for Phone Audio" and "Media Audio" options then re-enabling them. If anyone who is more experienced with this wishes to help and needs more information I will gladly assist.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    07-22-2016 06:52 PM

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