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    Is this the place to ask this?

    I speak to my phone a lot, but have encountered an annoyance. I hit the Google Mic, say "Add a calendar event." She asks back "what date".
    I say Friday the 19th. She says, "what time". I say "6 p.m." She says "what's its name." I say "family dinner" she says, "do you want to save this", I say yes. Then she makes me physically choose one of my calendar apps to do it.

    That's fine for the first time, but why won't she default to that calendar all the time? I thought it used to. It's irritating to think I'd have to eliminate my other calendars to perform this act solely by voice.

    This is small potatoes, isn't it? And it really doesn't take as long as all that typing seems to make it.

    Anyway, any way to make one of these calendars the default for Google Mic?

    08-17-2016 05:44 PM

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