1. Alice leo's Avatar
    I had bought the note 5 off Craigslist for 200 and when I got home when I turned it on it was on Google lock . So I did a factory reset and it brought me back to the Google activation. So some how I was able to get passed that and put in my name and email and transfer my att on to that phone.
    That last process was get started
    Than it took me right back to the Google activation. So I manage to take a picture of something and click share than clicked on the email icon I see my email there but it says."by activating this application, you accept that some of your device will be stored processed and use by Samsung to repot the activation of this application to this licensor of this site." And some more ****.

    What do I do even tho I already factory reset and my informations on there but still needs a previous email that was synced to that phone.
    Please help
    08-31-2016 01:57 PM
  2. MomoMilky's Avatar
    It may be a stolen phone and the previous owner google locked it?
    08-31-2016 02:30 PM
  3. Alice leo's Avatar
    So how can I unlock it
    08-31-2016 03:05 PM
  4. TwitchyPuppy's Avatar
    So how can I unlock it
    By asking them their Gmail address and password.
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    08-31-2016 03:07 PM
  5. Alice leo's Avatar
    There not answering my calls or text I don't know what to do please help
    08-31-2016 03:09 PM
  6. sydneycooper1979's Avatar
    You won't be able to do anything with the phone if you don't have that information. You may be stuck.
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    08-31-2016 03:14 PM
  7. Kelly Kearns's Avatar
    There is nothing we can do. That is an anti-theft feature and some forget to turn it off and some sell stolen phones.

    Since you bought it off Craigslist, the best you can do is file a police report of they don't answer. Since you have their number, it is possible the police can find them.
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    08-31-2016 03:15 PM
  8. Scott Currence's Avatar
    Sorry to hear. But as with phones, it's very easy to get ripped off on Craigslist. I was going to buy an iPhone 5 from a guy and wanted him to meet me at the sprint store with phone. Never called again!
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    08-31-2016 03:40 PM
  9. henderjr's Avatar
    I've never purchased a phone through CL or used phone at all I guess but I always offer to meet at the Sprint store when I sell my old phones. And if they can't or don't want to I give them the IMEI and tell them to verify it's free and clear with Sprint.
    09-01-2016 08:57 AM
  10. Climb14er's Avatar
    I posted a Samsung Smartphone on CL two years ago and offered to meet at the local Verizon store. The buyer was totally comfortable with that and VZ double checked the account and the phone and the sale was made w/o any problems.

    And... if I were a buyer, I'd fire up the phone with my own Google account to see that there's nothing at Google that's locking the phone.

    Buyer beware, is so important especially in this society.
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    09-01-2016 10:26 AM
  11. Soylent_Green's Avatar
    When buying phones off of craigslist always meet at your carrier's store to verify the phone.
    09-01-2016 04:49 PM
  12. Doug Moffat's Avatar
    Lost a phone when my office was burglarized. The miscreant managed to get Verizon to activate the phone.

    Took me almost 2 months to discover the theft. I sent text messages advising the thief that the police had surrounded his house and to come out with his hands in the air. He responded and didn't appear to feel too intimidated.

    Verizon, of course, was useless throughout the entire adventure.
    09-03-2016 10:44 PM

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