1. SlayeTech's Avatar
    I have had an absolutely abysmal time with this glass back! when it breaks the glass gets on your fingers and it hurts. I have even tried to get an otterbox and put tape over it to make a barrier so the pain would stop. Every now and then the glass gets out and I have to do a detail of my otterbox to get the glass off. It seems like its impossible as well to get all of it off. Whoever thought it was a good idea to make the front and the back of a phone glass is an *****! I love the note series, but this is too much for me.
    09-02-2016 02:40 PM
  2. aznhlfan's Avatar
    Just don't t drop it, if your that rough with your phone maybe the note series isn't for you. Try an old Motorola flip phone or old school Nokia.
    09-02-2016 02:45 PM
  3. pool_shark's Avatar
    I have never carried a cellphone in my pocket, I'very always used a case.
    Not once have I ever broken a cellphone, even when dropped on concrete.

    As for whoever thought to put on a glass back, you can thank all of the people complaining that Samsung phones "felt" cheap and demanded that lame idea of "premium feel" that "feels good in the hand", whatever the hell that means.
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    09-02-2016 02:53 PM
  4. SlayeTech's Avatar
    I agree 100 percent pool! I want my plastic back back =(
    09-02-2016 02:58 PM
  5. SugarMouth's Avatar
    Ya I prefer the Note 4 to the 5 as far as materials used.
    09-02-2016 04:27 PM
  6. yarnsrj's Avatar
    I for one liked the faux leather back on my previous note 3. I'm not an otter box fan, but I have one on my note 5 with it's all glass build for sure. SlayeTech, assuming you have equipment replacement, any reason you haven't replaced your phone? That cracked glass poses all sorts of hazards.
    09-02-2016 05:52 PM
  7. sforsyth01's Avatar
    I agree 100 percent pool! I want my plastic back back =(
    The vast majority of phone buyers disagree here. Samsung sales were falling exponentially before they brought out the current design on the S and Note line. Now they are solidly on top of the industry again.
    09-02-2016 06:22 PM
  8. SlayeTech's Avatar
    That is a shame. Its okay Samsung is turning into apple very quickly.
    09-02-2016 08:18 PM
  9. levjaskulski's Avatar
    There are lots of negative comments about the Note 5. That's why I initially went with G6 after the Note 3. But I sold it and went to the Note 5. I am adressing on the non-removal battery, no-SDcard slot and glass back problems at once. Samsung kinda went the Apple way but I don't blame them. They are developing products according to the needs and the trends. I can get on with that. I just won't be able to deal if they remove the Headphone output on the Note 8. At the mean time I am prepared and resolved the negativites on my Note with the I-blades smart case. I got Military grade protective case with extra battery and additional 64 GB. All set for the Note 8, hope they won't dissapoint me more than the last time
    03-17-2017 07:44 AM
  10. kirksucks's Avatar
    You can thank Steve Jobs/Apple for the all glass phone. Be more careful I guess
    03-18-2017 03:16 AM
  11. Kendahl Titcomb's Avatar
    You can thank Steve Jobs/Apple for the all glass phone. Be more careful I guess
    Actually you can thank the intro of wireless charging and need for better antenna signal needs. An all glass back allows for all these factors with giving the overall feeling of quality. We can thank Steve Jobs for the popularity of what we consider a modern smart phone
    03-20-2017 10:04 PM
  12. Progsoul's Avatar
    No phone is meant to be carried without a case on. Even 10 years ago people put a case on. Yes, glass makes the device more fragile but it does not really change anything but make the phone look and feel more premium if you carry it sometimes without a case or you use a transparent case. Besides that, glass is better than metal and plastic because it looks and feel more premium, does not interfere with reception and offer a seamless design without these ugly protruding antenna lines of metal designed phones. All manufacturers realize these and most already moved/shifted back to glass. Nothing is perfect in life.
    03-21-2017 10:57 AM
  13. Climb14er's Avatar
    Spigen Ultra Thin case... glass back... protected. I use a ballistic glass on front screen. No scratches. Carry this thin set up outside and when running in a leather belt holster. No issues!
    03-21-2017 07:35 PM

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