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    I got a note 5 recently came from a note 7 the only note I skipped was a 5 so with the whole note 7 debacle I turned mine in and got a note 5. I have owned every note 1,2, 3,4,note edge and 7 now I have a 5. I know backwards but I have a question, I keep hearing about the Moar rom does anyone here have any feedback or more info on roms and is there anything I should be aware of thanks in advance
    09-23-2016 08:25 PM
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    As Far as the MOAR rom itself I haven't heard anything, but My best reccomendation is to follow this link =>>HERE<<= as well as this link =>>HERE<<=and read posts about the different roms avaiable and what other's might be facing as far as issues and use caution when selecting, I would use one with hundreds pf pages of posts and many many updates to the rom. I personally Lik Tekksoddus rom it is super loaded with features but does not slow the device down. MAke sure you are on a variant that is supported by the rom developer and some of the roms require you to flash a separate kernel. I reccomend SkyHigh by Up In The Air or arter97 kernel. again be sure you are flashing the right one for your variant. Also it is not at allllllll a bad Idea to stay stock rom and just change kernel. with the arte97 kernel on stock firmware aI experienced a 175% increase in overall bettery life and a 220 % in crease in Screen on time. The Sky High Kernel will offer similar improvements but on out of box settings it is geared slightly mor toward performance. and thereby sacrifices some battery. but the benchmark scores are much Higher. If you are familiar with Synapse then you may do very involved minor to major adjustments in CPU frewuencieres (i.e. over/under clock) Battery voltage , when the particular big cores are utilized and when they are left alone to conserve battery. IF not versed in SYNAPSE become so before you start messing around with the kernel settings. With SkyHigh and arter97 the out of box settings are great.
    You see how the phone performs is mostly mitigated by the Kernel and has litlle to do with the ROM alone, unless the ROM developer has put a lot of time into developing his own kernel to custom suit his roms features.

    BTW good Idea to go to the note 5 I explain Why i CHOSE NOT TO UPGRADE =>>HERE<<=

    Last but MOST CERTAINLY NOT least. READ RE-READ Ask all of your questions, Wait for answers, UNDERSTAND THOSE ANSWERS, ASk any new questions, READ AGAIN and then modify your phone. this phone can absolutely smoke if done right as well as provide superb battery life.

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    09-23-2016 10:03 PM
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    my note5 fails on sending e-mails and relies to the same
    10-03-2016 10:17 AM

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