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    I just factory reset my phone the other day and I've been slowly downloading the things that I need back. All of a sudden today however I don't get text notifications
    Whenever I get a text, it doesn't show up in the notification shade. I will hear the noise, it will show the pop-up thing, but it won't show in the shade. If my phone is off and I don't notice the sound I will have no idea I got a text.
    On my Zenwatch 2 I don't get a notification either.
    I have reset my system cache (in recovery mode)
    I've went in safe mode
    I've tried messages, Google messenger, and textra
    I have checked and allowed notifications for the messaging apps
    All with no solution.
    I get other notifications such as my Google fit goal notification, spotify notification, etc.
    I don't get Allo notifications though.
    Please help me... I can't figure this out. Thanks
    AT&T Note 5 with Asus Zenwatch 2

    I fixed it,for some reason light flow was messing it up. I don't know why it was still not working in safe mode though.
    09-29-2016 10:16 PM

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