1. jlost's Avatar
    When I make a call with wifi calling on, people can't hear me speak. When I have it off, most of the time, I have no problem. Are there people who have the same issue?
    10-24-2016 10:41 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    What carrier do you have?
    10-24-2016 10:45 AM
  3. jlost's Avatar
    10-25-2016 09:04 AM
  4. ratsttam's Avatar
    That sometimes happens to me when I'm a little further from my router. I'm on T-Mobile. It only seems to happen if I'm receiving a call, not if I make one.
    10-27-2016 01:17 AM
  5. jlost's Avatar
    Yeah i noticed that if I turn off wifi calling it's good to go most of the time
    10-27-2016 03:39 AM
  6. bassplayrguy's Avatar
    ATT here with no problems on wifi calling.
    10-27-2016 04:27 PM

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