11-08-2016 07:01 AM
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  1. Carlo Villa's Avatar
    I'm on line already 😉
    bassplayrguy likes this.
    10-31-2016 04:48 AM
  2. bassplayrguy's Avatar
    the s pen means nothing to me...
    Why the note then?
    Carlo Villa likes this.
    10-31-2016 01:04 PM
  3. plumcrazy's Avatar
    size, specs and i like samsung products
    bassplayrguy likes this.
    10-31-2016 03:05 PM
  4. BugCollector's Avatar
    Sure will!
    I was on the note 5 when the preorders began for the 7.
    There were many things that appealed to me, just one is the waterproofing. I own a swimming pool business and I've lost more than one phone to a watery grave.
    I'll preorder again on day one.
    bassplayrguy likes this.
    10-31-2016 05:13 PM
  5. Tayloj92's Avatar
    I am not a fan of curved display so I prob will be moving on to something else next upgrade, I've also come to miss a smaller phone too. But I'm sure it's going to be one of the best Android phones released next year.
    bassplayrguy likes this.
    10-31-2016 08:31 PM
  6. Jghuff's Avatar
    I'm not sure, the S pen is convenient but not a need for me. I have a year left on my note 5. Getting the edge plan from Verizon was a mistake. All the phones I'll get in the future will be factory unlocked so they are compatible with almost any carrier. I just do not like how Verizon removes so many things from android. One of those things being Samsung smart manager, Do you think it really helps? The most important thing for me is the battery life, I'm a heavy user. So hoping in the near future that a well balanced phone will one day exist.
    Bob31464 likes this.
    11-02-2016 09:08 AM
  7. dougdraws's Avatar
    I found the Note 5 at my local AT&T store. Very happy with it. They told me I could trade it in for the 8 when it comes out, no charge and I can do it anytime (don't have to wait a year or whatever). We'll see what happens. I'm sure there will be enough reviews and user reactions to help me decide if it's worth it or not. Until then ....
    11-06-2016 08:28 AM
  8. RogueRunner's Avatar
    I'm in...The note 7 was my first note.. And first Samsung device... But in those two months I find it hard to comprehend having a phone without a pressure sensitive stylus... Taking notes like writing on paper and doing sketching /drawing on the go is a major plus for me.
    11-06-2016 08:53 PM
  9. evohicks's Avatar
    I was going to upgrade from my Note 4 to the Note 7 at the end of the year, when my contract ends, but obviously that ain't going to happen now. I looked at the Note 5 but here in the UK it's a bit of a risk as if there is a warranty issue it could be a pain on the @ss, damn you Samsung for not releasing the Note 5 in the UK!
    So I will probably see what the Note 8 brings to the table and keep the trusty Note 4 in the meantime.
    11-07-2016 04:23 PM
  10. mmsean's Avatar
    All in
    11-07-2016 06:42 PM
  11. Shelacios's Avatar
    Yep. I got a note 5 upgrade from the n4 to tide me over until the n8 shows up.
    11-08-2016 05:50 AM
  12. sweetypie31's Avatar
    11-08-2016 07:01 AM
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