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    When I enter text into S Note via the keyboard, A blue box appears with blue dots in the corner. The text is entered inside this blue box and when return is entered the cursor moves to the next lne abd the blue box expands. My problem is somtimes when I go back into a S Note to edit it, not all the text that i had enterened is displayed. Sometimes I can scroll the text up and down to get to the end. However, somtimes a small blue trianle appears in the bottom right corner of the note and pressing this will display a new screen with the complete note shown and I can scroll the text if it too much to display on a single page.

    My problem is I can not edit the text when this new screen is display and if I return to the normal screen to edit it often the lower half of the text is not displayed but the blue box is shown but with only half of the text that has been entered and the rest of the blue box is empty.

    I am guessing that the blue box is used to define the text entry area and display and in many cases it works well, But if I accidently mobe the lines or the position of the blue box then the text when entered is ok for the first line but pressing the return key no longer makes the blue box expand but adds the small triangle. I can still enter more lines of text but when recalling the note to view all I can see is one line of text and then pressing the blue triangle display all the text on another window.

    Is there anyway I can stop the blue triangle appearing and make all the text entered display on screen. Better still is there anyway to get rid of the blue text enry box. I have two Note 5 and they both have this problem. The latest software is installed and the phones are running on android 6.0.1
    03-20-2017 05:35 AM
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    I think I have worked out why S note behaves the way it does. The clue came to me when I was using Microsoft Excel and inserting text boxes and photos in a spreadsheet.

    Basically S Note is designed to be used primarily as a handwritten note using the S pen. Text entry using the on screen keyboard is a secondary option. The default screen for S note is a blank drawing canvas and this works fine and I often use it for short notes. When text is entered via the keyboard, the text is placed inside a text box which underlays the blank drawing screen.
    The two screens are seperate along with the contents. An example is, if I have a list of text entered by the keyboard and I decide to draw over the top of the text with the S Pen, like crossing out some lines of text, I find that if I then delete a line of text and delete the blank line the text below will move up but the lines drawn through the text stay in the same position on the screen and do not follow the lines.

    I have tried the altenative Samsung Notes and this also uses seperate screens for text and handwriting, but it does not overlay one on top of the other. In my opinion Samsung Notes is better for note taking for text lists or for handwritten notes but not if one wishes to write on a text enrty note. Samsung Notes does not allow it to be done.

    S Note is however better if you do wish to combine both text and handwritten information, as long as the user is aware that what they see on the screen when the different inputs methods are used are actually on seperate screens.

    The text box method for text entry is ok as long as a full screen of text is not exceeded. A new page needs to be created for the extra text. The drawback with the text box method is the text box can be moved outside the page display area and this can mess the later display of the text in view mode. It is very easy to move the text box accidentally when editing a text note.

    I have spent the last couple of days editing my wife's text only list of novels that she has read, 160 notes all up, I cut all text that exceeded one display screen length and pasted it to additional pages for that note, some now contain 8 pages.

    I will now be using S note for short text notes and handwriting and Samsung Notes for longer text lists.
    03-23-2017 06:06 AM

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