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    AT&T Note 5 .......NOUGAT SOLVED Issue .....After a successful 1st BkUp of my Note 5 with Smart Switch in January, I attempted a 2nd on 3/29 and was offered a Software Ver Update, which I OK'd.
    Since then I got BkUp Freezes at 63, 61, & 50%, the latter with 2nd level Samsung Sppt having Remote Access to my computer. Several Re-installs of varied Update Ver's she had access to didn't help.

    A Debug Log is at the Software Developer hopefully discovering Why the Freezes via the Updated Smart Switch.

    No way to know if the issue is my computer, Carrier-app oriented, or just new software glitches.
    YOU may have NO ISSUES at all.
    Will update when info known.

    This is the last Software source we tried that failed for me but may work for you ..... Link in this post won't load right w/ Copy-Paste .........
    03-31-2017 09:37 AM
  2. CraigS26's Avatar
    Before I could get an answer after a 2nd Log was made AT&T UPDATED to NOUGAT and Smart Switch Sailed thru my 1st Nougat Backup. About 355 MB 128 Files 42 Folders...
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    04-12-2017 10:40 AM

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