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    My recent and back button key on Note 5 isn't working it only work if i press it hard !!!
    is there anyway to fix it ?
    04-23-2017 10:09 AM
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    Unless you have a screen protector that has somehow shifted its position or is incorrectly installed (a screen protector can sometimes cause a loss of sensitivity), I can't think of a fix if it's a hardware problem. There are apps in the Play store that supposedly test your hardware. I don't know if any of them are any good. If you're comfortable with how these things operate, I think I remember seeing a hardware test function in the download mode menu. I don't recall precisely what is tested. If you have to ask how to get there, don't try it before doing your research. It's easy to brick your phone in download mode.

    If you loaded a new app right before the problem started, uninstall that app and reboot.

    Did you just take the Nougat update? Post-update issues can sometimes be fixed by clearing the system cache. Even if you didn't take the update, or if the phone worked with Nougat and the buttons suddenly stopped working, you can try the cache clear. You don't lose anything by doing that.

    You can rule out any kind of third-party app conflict by booting into safe mode. That boots the phone with preloaded apps, default settings, and no third-party apps. None of your apps or data are lost -- they just don't load. If the capacitive buttons work as intended, then you have an app or setting causing a conflict. Just reboot to get out of safe mode and back to normal.

    If running in safe mode and clearing the system cache doesn't isolate your issue, then the only other way to rule out software is to reset your phone. You'll lose whatever is on your phone, so make sure that you back up your passwords, photos, music, documents, etc. That will make your phone like you just removed it from the box. If you still have a problem, then it's likely faulty hardware. Most of us can't fix that ourselves.
    04-23-2017 07:35 PM

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