1. RC51 RIDER's Avatar
    How do you change the white screen to a black screen on my T mobile Note 5 with Nouget Update ?
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    04-28-2017 10:18 AM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Yes, google keeps these battery draining, eye damaging white themes despite the many complaints in the forums around the traps! Getting a dark theme from Samsung or play store may be your option.
    You can do negative colours if you stay in one app for long periods, that can be amusing.
    Dimming screen brightness..
    You can also turn on the red filter which calms it down a bit...
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    04-28-2017 09:58 PM
  3. underway99's Avatar
    You can also control a lot of the color schemes (backgrounds, menus, folders, etc) by using a third-party launcher. Nova gets some of the best press, but it's that good. There are a lot of them, but probably just a handful of really good ones. Those are typically the ones that appear in the regular "best of" lists here at AC.

    Between a dark theme like the post above and a launcher, the only thing I can't change is the notifications shade. In my case, the remainder is black. Easy on the eyes and on the battery.
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    04-28-2017 10:58 PM
  4. jlost's Avatar
    Or just download a theme from the theme store
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    04-30-2017 08:04 AM

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