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    My Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has had the VR problems of the app starting itself and other things, but now it has stopped. The only remaining issue is that my phone won't recognise the fast charging cable. It will charge through wireless charging, but it goes slow and sometimes will only bring it up a few percent while it has been charging for hours. The warranty has run out because this phone is over a year old and I can't afford a new phone. Please help.
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    05-19-2017 11:04 PM
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    This one could be tough to troubleshoot via forum post. You don't mention whether this charging issue just started or has been gradually building. My initial thought is that this seems to be an issue with either the battery or the charger/cable. If it's the battery, you would likely have noticed over time that the phone doesn't take or hold a charge for very long. A cable or charger issue would probably have seemed to come up all of the sudden. It just happened. A faulty cable or charger could also present as an intermittent problem.

    You can try isolating to one or the other by trying a different charger and cable combination. Chargers and cables do go bad or wear out. When you try the different charger and cable combination, change them both. You or someone you know will probably have another charger and cable laying around. If not, a good 2.4A charger and micro-USB cable should be relatively inexpensive. Stay away from the gas station variety. Also, you probably shouldn't be concerned with the fast charging for now. When it comes time to replace the charger and cable, then you can make sure that you get one that is compatible with Samsung's Adaptive Fast Charging.

    Replacing the battery is another matter. The Note 5 isn't designed for the end user to replace the battery, but it can be done. You probably won't do that yourself though. That should probably be done by a professional because of what it takes to disassemble and reassemble the phone. I read somewhere recently that Samsung would swap the battery for $79 (still less expensive than a new phone). You'd have to contact them and ask for a quote. There are cell phone repair places that may be willing to do it for less. Make sure that they use a new battery though.
    05-20-2017 12:16 AM

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