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    I accidentally deleted the System files on my Galaxy note 5 when I wiped it from recovery and need the right files to install Android 7.1
    06-23-2017 12:03 AM
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    I have to start by asking how you managed to dump system files from the stock recovery. It's not supposed to let you do that.
    The factory data reset will wipe your device and reload the OS from the flash storage. When it finishes, the phone should be like it just came from the box.

    Assuming that your device really is missing one or more system files, Samsung's Smart Switch might do the trick for you. Smart Switch is a maintenance utility from Samsung designed to let you support your own phone. It will identify your device, grab the right firmware, and install it.

    Here's a YouTube video that explains how to use Smart Switch. It's not my video. This for a Galaxy S6 Edge, but the process is the same. The Smart Switch application has been updated (this video is almost two years old), so it looks a little bit different than in the video. The part that you need is almost the same. In the video, the tab you want is labelled "Software Update and Initialization". Now it's called DEVICE INITIALIZATION.

    1. Connect your phone and hit the MORE button on the upper right corner of the Smart Switch window.
    4. Click OK and follow the prompts.

    The software will grab the latest OS for your phone, put the phone into the correct maintenance mode, and install the OS with the latest update. This should leave your phone as though you took it from the box with Nougat preinstalled. Yes, you'll lose everything, so back up your photos, music, docs etc.
    06-23-2017 04:47 PM

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