1. AC Question's Avatar
    When I try turn it on, the phone keeps showing the logo over and over again

    Phone's battery isin't removable.

    I cannot open recovery mode, I cannot do a factory reset.
    Power + Volume up + Home button goes to the Recovery mode. but mine doesn't
    it keeps booting up showing the android logo over and over again.

    I can only open Odin Mode
    Power + Volume down + Home.

    Odin Mode
    Download Speed : Fast
    Product Name : SM-N9208
    Current Binary : Samsung Official
    System Status : Custom
    Secure Download Enabled
    07-27-2017 04:44 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. You can go here for your ROM file: https://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/...ote5/SM-N9208/

    Make sure you select the correct version for your phone. Once you have the files, you can unzip them and install them through Odin with a PC program called Odin.

    07-27-2017 09:43 AM

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