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    My morning alarm works fine but recently, when setting a random alarm using Ok google it doesn't ever go off. Nothing shows up in the alarm list like it used to. Right after the assistant says it is set, it opens my calendar app (DigiCal) which is weird and never happened before.

    Nothing in settings/default apps for alarm that I can find. I can't figure this one out. Something has changed recently because it used to work fine. And it happened all on its own.

    Thoughts on how to solve? Thanks!
    08-01-2017 04:19 PM
  2. dllrogers55's Avatar
    Finally found the answer and fixed this! Random alarms set with OK google not working-google-assistant-fix.jpg

    Hopefully the screenshot attached above shows the step. I used the first suggestion. Had to uninstall the Google update. Afterward I went back into Google settings and setup the associated email account, retrained the OK Google voice and set up the Assistant. Then I tried setting an alarm. THIS time, the assistant opened a screen with the option of using the Clock or DigiCal for alarms. FINALLY, it is working normally and random alarm shows up in the Clock/Alarm section. Hooray!
    08-02-2017 09:04 AM

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