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    As of the most recent Android Nougat update, an incredibly disruptive bug has surfaced.

    I cannot reproduce it, & it does not discriminate against any apps as it will occur on the home screen.

    This happens about 3-4 times consecutively where resting a finger on the home key activates the fingerprint scan. This displays a box reading "Grant Permission - Please grant permissions for access to this feature" & takes me to the Accessibility menu.

    From there I can't possibly imagine which function is associated with the scan as I have no 3rd Party apps that utilize it, nor did I find resolution from tweaking the other settings.

    It makes no logical sense as I can't reproduce the error, but happens frequently enough where its activation appears associated with some event.

    I'm clearing the data for this app under Settings>Apps>(menu)Show System Apps> Fingerprint> Storage> Clear Data

    I'll report if this solves the issue indefinitely!
    08-09-2017 04:59 PM

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