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    Hey all, first time poster here. Looking for some advice!

    A few weeks I awoke to my note 5 (SM-N920V) making a weird digital sound and boot looping.

    it shows initial samsung note 5 screen, then goes black. If plugged into a charger, it will boot loop with vibrate, show the splash screen, go black, then vibrate again.

    if not on the charger, it will show the splash screen, then black.
    meanwhile the led flashes blue every 5 seconds (constantly for 3 weeks). I tried a factory reset from the android reset/reboot/safe menu, but when you press the home key it just vibrates and reboots without doing a reset. i cannot access recovery to reset cache.

    I used odin to reflash a stock rom (i think)--- it said successful--- but the same problem persists.

    after doing all this i did notice that on both the reset/boot menu screen and the warning custom os screen, the display has small horizontal lines (see image)

    my question is-- am i reflashing incorrectly? or is the memory fried? (i would assume that if that was the case it wouldnt even show the splash screen or recovery?

    any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Is there any hope for my note 5 ?-20170828_205501.jpg
    08-28-2017 09:09 PM

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