1. 2ndHalfCor's Avatar
    In the past, I've used S-Note on my Note 5 to create handwritten notes. Then, I share the note as a .pdf to OneDrive where I keep all my notes filed. Now, I'm no longer able to share an S-Note to OneDrive. I just get a totally unhelpful "The selected items couldn't be uploaded to OneDrive."

    I'm not sure when this started because I recently sold my Note 5 and bought a new 64gb unit.

    Anyone have this same problem? Solutions?
    09-03-2017 09:36 AM
  2. 2ndHalfCor's Avatar
    Wow! A hundred people have looked at this and no responses. I take it no on is having the same problem. Would someone who has OneDrive try sharing a .pdf from S-Note to OneDrive and let me know if it works for them. I've even completely reset my device and still no luck.

    Thanks in advance.
    09-04-2017 02:10 PM
  3. homestead's Avatar
    Didn't work for me either. Could share to OneDrive as text only but not pdf. I haven't used these apps in this manner in the past so can't confirm whether the pdf share used to work or when it first failed.
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    09-05-2017 12:51 AM
  4. PaapC's Avatar
    Same problem, cant figure what helps, any1.. ?? I have two android devices and same problem in both (Oneplus 2 and Sony xperia xzs).
    09-05-2017 03:08 PM
  5. Michael HlousekNagle's Avatar
    Same problem, cant figure what helps, any1.. ?? I have two android devices and same problem in both (Oneplus 2 and Sony xperia xzs).
    I'm getting the same message. My phone (Honor 8) is set to automatically upload camera roll to onedrive on wifi, and it is still doing that, no problem. But when I download images from the web onto my phone and try to upload them to onedrive the phone opens onedrive for about 1 second then it instantly closes and I get that same message - 'the selected files cannot be uploaded to onedrive'. This problem has only occurred for the past few days, I used to be able to manually upload using the same method no problem. I've tried everything I can think of....
    09-06-2017 05:28 AM
  6. bigshotmabrick's Avatar
    For a few days now I have not been able to upload any photos or docs to one drive from my note 3. Always used it daily but now I have the exact same issue. Not happy
    09-06-2017 11:42 PM

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