1. besweeet's Avatar
    My favorite series of cases (available in multiple colors): CandyShell Grip Galaxy Note7 Cases

    My white + black model arrived today (photo taken with a meh Galaxy On5):

    Now for that phone...
    08-15-2016 10:30 AM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    I got the blue one for my blue note 7

    On my s7 edge, the rubber pieces started to peel off after a while. Hopefully it won't be the case here
    08-15-2016 10:35 AM
  3. felloffthetruck's Avatar
    Saw a review on the Speck Candyshell clear and the case covers up a couple of the speaker holes.
    Not sure if the grip has this same flaw so maybe you guys should check it out.

    The review I saw this in was by listentojulian on YouTube.
    08-15-2016 12:01 PM
  4. MizWylie's Avatar
    I just hate how hard the case is to take off. I had one on my iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 and I swear it was easy, then got one for my Note 4 and it was a battle, followed by the battle to remove it from my Note 5. Maybe I'm just dumb, or batting one in a hundred with how stiff these cases are now.

    I like my Spigen, and I like my UAG. The only issue I ever had with a UAG was the same stiffness trying to get it off of a LG V10.

    Posted from the S7E Chrome™ on Big Red
    08-15-2016 04:47 PM
  5. jerrycau123's Avatar
    I love Speck cases!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    08-18-2016 01:29 AM
  6. russel5150's Avatar
    I found putting the cases on it works better to have the phone horizontal and slip on the volume side first.

    To take it off i push the camera hole while "peeling a top corner.

    I like that they don't slip on and off easy, but that's just me.
    besweeet likes this.
    08-18-2016 01:10 PM
  7. Feeney43's Avatar
    I should get this case if I get the Note 7.
    08-19-2016 04:39 PM
  8. besweeet's Avatar
    I should get this case if I get the Note 7.
    I'm liking mine. Fits perfectly. So much grip that nothing else comes close to offering.
    08-19-2016 04:57 PM

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