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    I had previously posted about a good experience with a tempered glass screen protector (http://forums.androidcentral.com/sam...-solution.html).

    Well, I had exchanged my Note 7 for a temp phone a week or so ago and finally got a new Note 7 last night. I had purchased an identical screen protector for it, since I had such good luck with it on my first phone. I installed it last night, but the new one has "touch" issues on one side of the screen. I still had the old one, as I had been able to remove it without breaking it. It was a bit dirty, but I cleaned it up and removed the new one and replaced it with the old one - no touch issues.

    I can see the contour of the new one is very slightly different on one side, causing the problem.

    I don't think any brand of tempered glass screen protector is any better than any other - I think they all suffer from the same manufacturing inconsistencies.

    One thing I do recommend with any tempered glass screen protector, is that you use a tiny amount of silicone seal on each corner, as none have very good adhesive. (I have a black Note 7 and use the tempered glass protectors with black on the top & bottom, so the silicone seal doesn't show - not sure how it would look with a totally clear protector)
    09-21-2016 09:54 AM

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