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    So I got my n7 yesterday. I thought about switching colors but stayed with silver, mainly because well it just happened that way. The clerk basically just got the silver without asking. Fair enough. It didnt matter to me until the topic of the 25$ credit and how to spend it. First I tried to get a credit, which was clearly indicated as an option. Rep said no. Mngr said no. I would have protested, looked it online or called customer service but they had my phone. Don't get me wrong I know that they know, that they were only thinking on there own behalf and wanted the money to be spent on swag. So I began to thing of how I wanted to use it (I should have just gotten my wife a case for her iphone 7, but i digress) My first thoughts were to the tempered glass. First trying to remember if those were holding up. I remember some people raving about screen protectors only to come back and report issues. I knew the verizon seemed legit, but that was before the battery. I sort of didnt pay much attention to the issue after that. I was about to pull the trigger and I realized the glass has black on the top and bottom. This really put me off with my silver phone, I first thought I would rather have the black phone anyway. Now with the glass having black I did not want to go that route and I still wasn't sure it was holding up.

    So I settled with the Zagg. I chose this because I figured when I pull the case off I would have some scratch protection on the back. I asked if this would interfere with my spigen case. I even handed her the case and she said it would work fine. At this point I didnt have either phone, she was switching up my info. So because I know how hard it is to put these things on and the more oil, dirt and dust you get on the phone the less successful it will be. So I elected to have them install. I got the phone back and it was ok, but some spots were already sticking up. She advised not put the case on and try and leave it alone as much as possible. Well i put the case on this morning in hopes that it would help keep the protector on, but its not going well. I feel it wont last a few days at most. Not sure what direction to go to from here, most likely no protector.
    09-21-2016 10:03 AM

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