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    So I'm trying to cancel my phone insurance with Samsung $129 for 2 year agreement Protection Plus program
    handled thru Assurant so I contact Assurant and they say no problem we summit a request for cancel to Samsung & in 7 to 10 days you get a check for full refund.
    So almost 2 weeks latter I call back to check and yes my insurance got cancelled ,so the girl says call samsung to check on your refund check, So I call eCommerce @ Samsung and they say because I was 10 days out side of the 30day day cancellation policy no refund.
    So my comment was you recall my phone that I no longer have and refuse to refund my policy because of a 30 day policy, because if I still had my phone I would want to keep the insurance!
    So she was kinda like well maby you have a point so they will escalate the ticket to see if they can do that, she says someone will call you in a few days ,really you have my phone how are you going to call me (so e-mail is preferred here) .
    So well wait and see what happens! $129 pending.............plus to much time involved in this hole process.
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    10-13-2016 06:06 PM
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    FYI after several phone calls to Samsung they refuse to refund my $129 for insurance(Samsung Protection Plus) on the N7 so I have filled a complaint with the BBB.
    Sell me insurance take my phone and refuse to refund the insurance for a phone you recalled I don't think so.
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    10-17-2016 08:53 PM

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