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    Best Buy Refuses to Credit me $$$ Difference between GN7 & Replacement Phone!
    Wednesday night I tried & failed to turn in my GN7 to BBY @ the same store where I ordered, purchased & paid & later exchanged the 1st time.

    I could have left with an S7e if I would walk away from my $864.00!

    I really regret doing this through BBY. They have been nothing but trouble every step of the way.
    Originally I chose BBY vs. buying direct from Verizon for 3 reasons:
    BBY advertised $850 & Verizon $864
    BBY claimed to hand you the 256 GB microSD card the same time as you picked up your phone on launch day
    BBY told me the phone would NOT have the “Verizon” logo emblazoned on it.

    None of these 3 things ended up being true.

    2 weeks b4 GN7 launch I went into BBY & wanted to buy the phone outright, no payment plans or contracts & I was going to switch from Verizon postpaid with my old phone to Verizon prepaid. (Much better deal) I was told I MUST buy the phone via 24 month payment plan & activate it in the store on launch day while still on my existing post paid plan. Then I could contact Version same day & change to prepaid plan & must pay off the remaining balance on the phone. (Full $864) I would however, pay the sales tax to BBY on launch day (~$70) when I received my phone. So I would NOT get BBY reward points for spending $864. This was annoying especially since I had received much misinformation from different BBY employes leading up to this. But, I wanted the phone & wanted to be DONE. I did as they requested & got my GN7 launch day. I changed to Verizon prepaid the next day & was billed by Verizon for the $864 & paid it.

    Next the 1st recall. I was told I could not reserve a replacement GN7 unless I physically appeared in the store to “sign up” No, could not do it by phone.
    I drove to BBY & did that. A week or so later I got the replacement GN7 but, had to spend an hour in store as 3 employees huddled & made calls to Verizon & managers since I was on prepaid & had PIF for my phone!

    BTW, I never received the $25 bill credit & got nowhere with phone calls to Samsung, Verizon or BBY. Each blames the other. I was also promised a $25 BBY GC for signing up for some BBY program & never received that either.

    Now the 2nd, final recall. I’ve been researching & reading much here & elsewhere deciding which phone to get. I am down to LG V20 & S7e. I have been unable to see the V20. BBY is selling them & delivering them to customers but still no display model! If I chose the S7e, I’d prefer Blue Coral which no one has yet. Tuesday, I learned that BBY has a promotion through this weekend that if you buy a S7e, you get a $100 BBY GC right there when you pick up your new S7e & it is in addition to the $100 Carrier credit! I called my store to verify & at 1st was told no & when I explained who told me (another BBY store) they admitted they do have this promotion. I verified they have several Black S7e phones in stock.

    I decided for an extra $100, I will chose S7e over unseen V20 & accept the black color I really do not want & finally be DONE with this never ending phone fiasco.
    So Wed night I waste ½ hour with 2 sales reps & a manager & manager says:
    1) BBY will not credit me the purchase price of my GN7 ($864) towards the purchase price of the S7e ($792). They will only credit me the ~ $70 sales tax since I paid Verizon & not them. But they will sell me an S7e @ full price + tax. LOL. I kept saying who is going to refund me my $864 I paid? Samsung & Verizon both say I MUST do the exchange here where I originally purchased my GN7. No answer.
    2) BBY will NOT give me the $100 GC promotion since I am on prepaid & it is only available if I sign a 2 year contract (post paid only) & pay for the phone in 24 installments.
    Obviously, I still have my GN7.

    I’m not a fan of BBY!
    11-03-2016 07:28 AM
  2. Jaycemiskel's Avatar
    Sounds like you got screwed over by switching to prepaid. Verizon is the one who needs to pay you your money back though because they were the ones who ultimately got paid for the phone, my Best Buy. You may have to file a complaint with your credit card company.
    11-03-2016 01:27 PM
  3. blueGN7's Avatar
    I need to make a bunch of phone calls. No time today. Each call takes a long time especially waiting on hold for Verizon or Samsung.
    In the end it is Samsung who pays. BBY is not out any $$$ for these returns, same with Verizon. So, when you buy a phone direct from your carrier or a merchant, much of the $ goes to Samsung but, when you return it the point of purchase refunds you & then they must get reimbursed from Samsung. BBY is handling this badly for me.
    11-03-2016 04:33 PM
  4. Jaycemiskel's Avatar
    The carriers are buying the phone upfront from Samsung though. So Samsung is giving them their money back for them. So that money that you gave Verizon is just in their pockets. They're the ones who need to pay you back.
    11-03-2016 08:20 PM
  5. blueGN7's Avatar
    Today I spent > 1 hr. on phone with Verizon supervisor & BBY Manager.
    Verizon says to go into BBY store & have their manager call Verizon supervisor who will walk them through the procedure to refund me the entire purchase price. Verizon says BBY must refund me even though I paid the $864 cost of the phone directly to Verizon after I changed to Prepaid.

    I call BBY manager to inform them of this & she just repeated what she had said 5x b4, We cannot refund you anything other than the tax because you didn’t pay that amount to BBY. She says she spoke to her Verizon rep who is a regional supervisor that is what he also said. Sounds like b.s. to me. Supposing for the moment that the Verizon supervisor actually told her that. Which I doubt. Why wouldn't he say something like: “He must get the bulk of his refund directly from us @ Verizon & here is how he should do it.”

    I’ll try to go into the BBY store next week when a (different) manager is in, who is higher than the manager I spoke with.
    11-04-2016 08:47 PM
  6. Blues Fan's Avatar
    Don't feel bad. I'm STILL waiting for my full refund from Tmobile. Was supposed to get a check, but then that got messed up, and waiting for the check to be issued once again.

    At the rate this is going the Note 8 will be released and many of us will still be trying to get refunds and phone bills straightened out. In my case the sales clerk was trying to make a fast buck instead of exchanging it correctly according to tmobile when we called and finally got someone smart to talk to.

    For my next phone purchases I'm either buying it through Samsung( I know their third party not that good), or good chance I will roll the dice and buy an iPhone directly from the Apple Store so I don't have to deal with the carrier stores anymore. They're all snakes at these carrier stores and just care about their commissions.

    I wish Amazon directly would sell carrier and unlocked phones. I mean Amazon, not 3rd party sellers on there. It would be so much easier and pain free to deal with Amazon customer support.
    11-06-2016 01:11 AM
  7. blueGN7's Avatar
    I was supposed to met the manager at Best Buy Monday but he was out that day even though we had an appointment.

    I'm going to try again Tuesday, today.

    I finally decided to go with the Samsung galaxy S7 edge.
    Why is it doing
    It was down to the LG V 20 or the F7 edge.
    11-08-2016 05:57 AM
  8. Blues Fan's Avatar
    I was supposed to met the manager at Best Buy Monday but he was out that day even though we had an appointment.

    I'm going to try again Tuesday, today.

    I finally decided to go with the Samsung galaxy S7 edge.
    Why is it doing
    It was down to the LG V 20 or the F7 edge.
    I thought Best Buy was supposed to be an easier return process from what I hear. My roller coaster ride continues with my refund from Tmobile as well.

    It's to the point people will start having to contact their attorney generals offices maybe or get the media in on it. The Note 8 will be in stores and people will still be waiting.
    11-08-2016 12:43 PM

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