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    I was just at Best Buy and they had the Note 7 out on display...and I was able to recreate the screen overlay issue that is causing issues with some users with the Galaxy S7 and I assume the Edge as well. I tried to open a preinstalled app...Art something or another I think...I clicked allow for the permissions it asked for and then it took me to the screen overlay and of course I was not able to do anything other than stop trying.

    The Samsung expert said she's seen it on her S5. We weren't able to do the "hard reset" (volume up/home/power keys) because the phones were in demo mode. I wondered if clearing the cache would get around it. Tried to clear the cache and data from the app itself that was having the issue and that didn't work. And of course there are NO third party apps installed due to it being a demo. So if anyone runs into this problem...DEFINITELY something amiss with the software. The Samsung expert thought it could possibly be an issue with the new "less blue" setting capability on the Note 7 and others have reported that other apps that change screen settings seemed to be causing their issues...but in my case it seemed to come down to Cheetah's File Manager app.

    At any rate it's maddening sometimes trying to search for issues and answers so I thought I'd post what I know (which obviously isn't much).

    Oh, and the heart rate sensor would NOT work no matter how many times I tried. It detected a heart rate (thank goodness as the alternative might mean I have far bigger issues...lol...) but it would eventually then scold me for not having my finger placed properly. I spent a good bit of time trying to get it to lock in and couldn't. I can do it fine on my S7...so I think it might be another possible software issue.
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    08-04-2016 12:15 PM
  2. Kirk Maluo's Avatar
    Looks like this may be an issue until Nougat rolls around. Ugh.
    08-04-2016 12:53 PM

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