1. Viscomi4444's Avatar
    I pre ordered the note7 and have never pre ordered anything through Verizon before. I'm a little confused with how my contract would be. When I recieve my note7 and put my sim card and everything in, will my note3 be deactivated and I'll only be charged for the note7 from there on out? And when I recieve the note7, I don't have to make a stop at Verizon correct?
    08-07-2016 07:42 PM
  2. keepnitreel's Avatar
    Your note 7 will come with a Sim card already in it. Turn off the old phone and turn the new phone on and follow the activation instructions on the screen... your note 3 sim card will be deactivated and the phone will only work on wifi until you put a working Sim card in it.... if the Sim from the 7 is the same size then you can swap and use either phone....

    Edit: no need to stop in Verizon.
    08-07-2016 08:04 PM
  3. Viscomi4444's Avatar
    Ok, thanks alot!
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    08-08-2016 04:52 AM
  4. dsignori's Avatar
    Actually I think the Note 3 has a Micro SIM, and the Note 7 uses a Nano SIM. If they are not the same size, you need to either use the new one that comes with it (Nano) or cut down the micro-SIM. It might be easier to just put the new SIM in and activate it online, or over the phone unless you know how to cut down SIMs cleanly ..
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    08-08-2016 09:41 PM

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