1. Kirk Maluo's Avatar
    Quickcharge charges faster, but Fast Wireless creates more heat. Still debating how to charge my phone overnight. Should I hassle with turning quickcharge off at night then back on as needed?
    08-08-2016 03:57 AM
  2. nDroid3's Avatar
    Safest thing to do is charge with the original samsung charger that comes with the phone.

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    08-08-2016 04:26 AM
  3. the game 161's Avatar
    As long as you use the original charger it's fine

    Fast charge at night will stop charging when it's 100% anyway
    08-08-2016 05:30 AM
  4. Fobbers's Avatar
    Or you can purchase the non fast wireless charger.
    08-08-2016 05:57 AM
  5. boufa's Avatar
    I'm no expert, but everything I have seen, says that the problem of fast/rapid charging causing heat that kills batteries is over stated, and might actually be balanced out by other factors. All charging stresses the battery, and getting it off the charger quicker might actually be better than slow charging for longer (maybe like pulling off a bandage).

    Nearly everything I have read is that any harm that might come from rapid/fast/quick charging a battery in a modern cell phone is negligible, and unlikely to ever be noticeable. One article suggested that you might drop to 80% max battery capacity 1 to 2 days faster than without the faster charging.
    08-08-2016 08:07 AM
  6. dpham00's Avatar
    If you are charging overnight you can use an old 5v/1a or 5v/2a charger which would charge slower
    08-08-2016 10:44 AM

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