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    So I had a Note 5. Didn't really use S Notes all that much. I've had the S6 Edge now for a year and going back to the Note 7. I use 'Tasks' for reminders/tasks and 'Google Keep' for general notes.

    Will there any way to use the S Pen and integrate that with Google Keep as my main notes keeping app? I would love to take advantage of writing a note on the lock screen but not having it saved to another reminder/task/notes app (S Notes).

    Any ideas? Or bottom line is if I want to utilize the S Pen for notes I'm stuck using S Notes?

    08-08-2016 11:34 PM
  2. russel5150's Avatar
    Not sure, i use google keep when i am not using a note and its a great app, but w a note i pin small memos to the home screen.

    I think the closest your going to get is just having the spen activate the writing part of the keyboard, and writing it out. This converts the writing to text.

    Not sure if there are other options.

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    08-08-2016 11:40 PM
  3. Dutch R's Avatar
    I am interested in this as well. I am a heavy Google Keep user, s-pen functionality while using Keep would be a huge plus for me ...the Note 7 will be my first ever Samsung device

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    08-08-2016 11:58 PM
  4. stmax's Avatar
    What a great queation. I know this isn't the same but LG has Quick Notes. It is pretty cool but I had to give it up because they don't integrate well with my daily driver of Google Keep.

    I would even be happy if they backed up to Google Drive perhaps?

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    08-09-2016 12:24 AM
  5. Shelacios's Avatar
    If you were on Evernote, I know that your action memos and snotes can sync with that app.
    08-09-2016 01:33 AM
  6. steelrain82's Avatar
    Tagging for later.

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    08-09-2016 01:56 AM
  7. steelrain82's Avatar
    Actually, I just used my s pen to draw in Google keep. It also a lower me to write when I switch over to the write function in the text area.

    I'm using a note 4
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    08-09-2016 02:02 AM
  8. billykac's Avatar
    As of the N5, writing on the lock screen produces a "Screen Off Memo", which get's saved as an Action Note. This all happens with no integration with Keep. Reportedly, Sammy has redesigned the entire note-taking experience, but IMO, it's likely that Sammy will keep that newly refined functionality specific to their ecosystem and not integrate it with 3rd party apps.

    If this is the case, I really don't see a problem. Keep is not integrated now and it will not be a real drawback, for me, if it stays that way. BTW: actually using the S-Pen IS nicely integrated into Keep, in that I can use Sammy's native handwriting recognition when making Keep notes. Nice.

    Also, whenever I need a really powerful, full "notebook replacement", like when taking design notes at work or noodling-through a new landscape idea for my backyard, I never use Keep. It's far too limiting. It's S-Note all day. S-Note allows you to do everything you can do free-hand in a notebook, plus a s*it-load more, like cleaning-up shapes in my funky sketches, translating free-hand text to digital and a lot more. As with a lot of Sammy products, there's often incredible functional depth in their tools (sometimes needless crap too) and using these tools can be totally addicting.

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    08-09-2016 08:32 AM
  9. dsignori's Avatar
    You can use the S-Pen with OneNote pretty well. I have done so on my Note 5. I don't use Google Keep.
    08-09-2016 08:58 AM
  10. Blipstein's Avatar
    Hmmm....good stuff guys. Thanks. Gonna have to figure out the best way to utilize the S Pen with my current situation....or may have to tweak my current situation maybe, I just love Keep though.
    08-09-2016 12:23 PM
  11. magichoward's Avatar
    I have the note 4 and can use the pen with Google keep. You can add keep to the options when you take the pen out

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    08-10-2016 11:21 AM
  12. Zsou Zsou's Avatar
    Hi there,

    don't know whether you've found a solution yet - just wanted to drop
    my solution here: install S Pen Launcher and set google keep (aka notes)
    as the standard app to launch with it. => everytime you detach the s pen,
    google keep will be launched automatically.

    11-12-2016 03:56 PM

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