1. dkbb's Avatar
    It's up on the Samsung website! not quite note 7 porn, but I liked it! http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/co..._6.0_FINAL.pdf
    BustA Groove likes this.
    08-16-2016 02:44 AM
  2. 21538940075's Avatar
    The T mobile version has been leaked since last week sometime. It is nice to know though
    08-16-2016 03:19 AM
  3. dkbb's Avatar
    Well!... why didn't someone tell me?
    08-16-2016 04:20 AM
  4. 21538940075's Avatar
    Sowwy! I was busy reading it.. *runs away*
    dkbb likes this.
    08-16-2016 04:48 AM

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